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The first and largest carshare operator in the Middle East, ekar provides pay-per-minute and long-term (daily or weekly) cars in Saudi Arabia

Convenient, flexible and seamless - download our app and simplify the way you travel.

ekar Advantage

We simplify car rentals so you can focus on the important things in life

Fuel Included - Fuel is free

Fuel is included. You can refill it from any Aldrees petrol stations free, or any other petrol station and we'll refund you the credit.


Choose to pay per minute, hour, daily or weekly depending on your need

Park it anywhere

Parking is allowed at any places designated by the Municipality of Riyadh in the right way


Stuck in a rut? Our 24 hour customer support and roadside assistance is just a call away.


One price, one payment. No hidden charges or additional taxes, it's that simple.


From 0.46 SAR per minute with no hidden costs. Pay as you go.


We have car models suited for every need and occasion

With ekar, you’re in control of every mile and every minute. Unlike traditional car rental services, you only pay for how long you’re actually using the car.

What you don’t pay for: parking, fuel or maintenance.

i Please Note: We have recently updated our policy that requires an upfront payment of our daily, weekly and monthly long-term rentals. For more information please email us at help@ekar.sa or call us at 920010082.


Sharing is caring. Please treat ekar like your own car. Service fees are charged to ensure ekars are always in good condition for everyone.

  • Fees for an unsuccessful charge, cheque bounce, or payment rejected by credit or debit card issuer30
  • non-refueling of the RTA ekar vehicles when at or below a 1/460
  • Smoking inside the ekar vehicle345
  • Parking outside of Authorised parking zonesUp to 350
  • Lost keys2300
  • Parking/Speeding ticketTraffic Fines +15%
  • Other charges for example: number plate loss, tampering with WAIE / vehicle logos etcActuals +115
  • A security deposit fee is mandatory for users with tourist/visiting visa2,300
  • For any legal formalities, an additional fee will be applicable 15% of the total decline amount + any legal fees, document charges, court fees etc (as per actuals)Actuals +15%
  • Normal Cleaning60
  • Excessive cleaning fee350
  • Unsecured vehicle feeAccording to the vehicle condition
  • Drained battery fee230
  • Loss of use fee (e.g. Impounded vehicle)400
  • Excess Amount in case of Accidents (irrespective of nature of the damage)insurance deductible amount +15%
  • Excess amount in case of Accidents (irrespective of nature of the damage) with driver under 25 years of age or an unauthorized driverrepair cost
  • Unused reservation fees6
  • Towing / recovery charges (oneway)230
  • Delivery charges for rental vehicles irrespective of the no of days booked90
  • Excess Loss of Use (Delayed Police Report, Impounded Vehicle, Vehicle not Usable by Customers Fault) per Day175
  • forgot to return the key inside the terminalAs per booking cost
  • Payment gateway fee per booking (Does not apply if you are paying with credits from your e-wallet)3
  • Penalty for ending the reservation in another city. Our members are required to end their reservation in the same city where they started their reservation.2300
  • Using the Ekar vehicle in Drifting5000 SR + repair cost
  • Cancellation fee (After booking an ekar, you may cancel within 5 minutes without being charged)5

Download ekar App

Download our ekar app available on both the play store and Apple store. Register with a valid Saudi Arabian driving license, National ID or Iqama and receive a confirmation email from our customer service team.

After, locate the nearest ekar to you and hit the road. It's that simple.

Locate and Book

Once you've registered, you'll be able to locate the closest ekar on the app after which you can either book your ekar on a pay-per-minute (up to 5 hours), daily, weekly or monthly basis. Looking for a long-term ekar? To book your ekar, simply tap on the ekar.

Unlock ekar

Using your ekar car rental app, locate and unlock your ekar. Once this is done, simply locate the ekar key inside the glove box, enter your personalized pin code and remove the keys from the key holder.

Should you encounter any problems or notice any damages to the ekar, please email us at help@ekar.sa

Start Driving

Once you are finished with your ekar, simply input the ekar key back into the ekar portal and place it inside the glove box to complete your booking. Please don't forget to take all your personal belongings!

Rest Assured, You are covered

Frequently Asked Questions

The first and largest carshare operator in the Middle East, ekar provides on-demand pay-per-minute and long-term (daily or weekly or monthly) cars.

You just have to download "ekar" application on your smartphone, then creating your own account. After that, pick the closest car and start your trip.

1- Open ekar application and locate the nearest car to you.
2- Book the car then go to the car location.
3- Answer the questions related to car cleanness and report damages if exists then accept terms and conditions.
4- Enter the code sent to your phone number registered on Absher system.
5- Open the car using the application.
6- Get into the car then open the glove box and enter your pin number (you can find it in the application under your name on the main menu) in the terminal.
7- Take the key and start your trip.

Be sure to inspect the vehicle before you start driving and report all damages to help@ekar.sa or 920010082.

1- You need to be 21 years old or above.
2- Valid driver's license.
3- Valid national/Iqama ID.
4- Valid credit card or Apple Pay account.

You can simply register via our mobile app (available on both Apple and Android). Documents required include your national/Iqama ID, driver's license and (credit card or Apple Pay account).

Please note that your card will be charged with SAR 1 as a registration fee and SAR 3,75 as a refundable fee (refund period will vary depending on your bank policy).

Successful registration takes one hour to be approved.

Simply open the ekar application and click on the 'Question mark' icon located within the password field on login page.

You can reach our 24/7 hotline at 920010082 or email us at help@ekar.sa. All contact information can be found under the 'Contact' tab in our app.

The keys to your ekar are located in the passenger glove compartment.

You can change or cancel a reservation up to the start time of your reservation at no additional cost.

Should you wish to cancel your ekar after, please contact us at 920010082 or email us at help@ekar.sa.

All ekars shown on our app are available.

If you are using the ekar mobile app, simply press the 'start your trip' button.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us at 920010082 or email at help@ekar.sa.

Yes. Reservation details can be changed up to the 'start time' of your booking. After this, please contact us at 920010082 or email help@ekar.sa.

Yes, all future bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

If you are late, simply update the details of your booking on the mobile app at no additional cost.and for any additional extension, there is a fee will be applied. This is provided there is no pending reservation.

1- Make sure to park the car in a legal way inside ekar city
2- Make sure to close windows, doors, lights and Rear trunk
3- Return the key to the terminal in the glove box
4- Please take all of your personal belongs with you and step outside the car
5- End your trip from ekar application
6- Make sure the car is locked after you end your trip
7- Thank you for using ekar

Should you require additional assistance, please contact us at 920010082 or email at help@ekar.sa.

No, only the reserved ekar user may operate the vehicle.

Please report any damage or cleanliness issues to 920010082 before starting your trip to prevent being liable for them.

In the unlikely scenario that this happens, please kindly proceed to pay for the fuel.

After, simply send a photo of the receipt to help@ekar.sa and we will reimbuse you accordingly.

Always fuel ekar vehicles according to the fuel label attached to the tank door.

At ekar, you pay for what you consume. For more information on our various price structures and offers, please visit www.ekar.sa

Please note, payment will be immediately after the end of the trip for a pay-per-minute reservation, and the full amount will be paid in advance on long-term reservation (day, week or month).

Fees include gas, insurance, maintenance and 24/7 support

All charges incurred during your trip will be made directly to the registered credit card on your profile.

All charges will be made within 24 hours and an electronic receipt will be sent to your email.

All fees related to parking tickets, towing and processing fees incurred during your booking will be automatically charged to the credit card on your profile.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at help@ekar.sa

The refund period according to your bank policy and ranges from two days to three weeks.

Please note: The Refund to your e-wallet is instantaneous and not delayed

We accept Apple Pay and credit cards from Visa and MasterCard in SAR

No, pets are not allowed.

No. Our ekars are strictly non-smoking and an additional cleainng fee will be charged if smoke is detected.

Yes. Our ekars are 100% family and child-friendly.

For added safety, please bring along your own child seat or booster to keep your little ones safe.

Please call 920010082 immediately to report any lost personal items. Once found, please proceed to any one of our offices (www.ekar.sa) to pick up your lost personal item.

Please note: ekar is not responsible for any lost item

Please call 920010082 to connect with a member of our Member Service team.

All accidents, breakdowns, damages and defects to your ekar must be immediately reported to our Member Service team via phone at 920010082 or email at help@ekar.sa.

In the event of an accident, it is also mandatory to obtain a Najem report by caling 920000560. Najem reports must be left in your ekar glove compartment and reported to a member of our Member Service team.

Please note failure to provide a Najem report for the accident can result in additional costs and charges which will be automatically charged to your credit card of file.

A damage fee is only incurred if the ekar user is at fault. This damage fee is determined by the insurance company employed under ekar and starts from SAR 1500.

ekar is insured with comprehensive insurance.

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, please call us immediately at 920010082.

We will require a Najem report of the incident. Should the Member Agreement be broken when the damage was caused, the full amount of the damage to the ekar as well as the third party's property (car, building etc.) will be charged to the ekar user. There is strictly no negotiation of repair costs.

Under certain circumstances (drunk driving etc.), the user's membership may also be terminated.

Any violations will result in immediate membership termination.

Simply call us and we’ll take care of it

This usually means that the car is in sleep mode. Simply use your ekar app to select that vehicle.

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